Heidi Fial – Amateur

180g black vinyl with 4 sided inlay / the recordcover consists of photographs exposed in the darkroom in hand-made pass-partout covers / each record is a unique piece / limited edition

This record pays tribute visually, musically and philosophically to the devotion and honesty with which we pursue our creations as amateurs, besides our professions and without commercial motives. The historical and cultural relevance of the resulting works is often underestimated, as is their artistic value. But perhaps the most important aspect is that in this form, we as creators are autonomous, unrestricted and inspired – and have no time to wage war.

All tracks are performed live with no artificial overdubs and were recorded on a 4 track cassette tape recorder and a 2 track reel-to-reel tape recorder.

“Oh sweetest song” is a translation of Rainer Maria. Rilke’s „Liebeslied” spoken by Colin Ridgeway (in memoriam). The original voice-recording from 2012 was embossed on disc using a record cutting lathe from the 1930ies.

Both, tape and phonogram, were live-mixed to stereo tape and then mastered digitally for the vinyl cut.

Visit the artists profile www.heidifial.com

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