turntable tonearm weight adjustment

Setting the correct weight on a turntable tonearm is probably the most important adjustment of a record player. To much weight can permanently damage your vinyl records. But to light cartridge tracking is bad too.

Making this adjustment is not very difficult just follow this steps:
1. Balance the tonearm to “zero gravity”
2. Set the scale of the tonearm counterweight to zero
3. Turn the counterweight to manufacturer’s specified tracking weight (downforce) for your cartridge type.

Manufacturer’s specify the carttridge tracking weight as a range of values in grams. Set the downforce to the highest value within that range. A cartridge that is tracking too lightly bounces on the groove wall causing damage to the record groove.

Headshell cartridges will take 2-2,5 grams and concorde (banana) cartridges 2,5-3 grams.

Here is video by ViperFranks on adjusting the weight on a turntables tone-arm

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