Worlds Largest Record Collection

Yes, some of you already had the chance to view this video, but it’s absolutely breathtaking for all of you who did not watch and feel it, yet. Paul Mawhinney, founder of Record-Rama in Pittsburgh, Pennsilvania is the owner of the worlds largest record collection. It contains about 3 Million vinyl records from the last decades and was valued at 50 Million $. As the record store was closed in 2008 and his health was of great concern, Paul tried to sell all the records, again. The collection went for sale on eBay in March 2008 but did not end in a sale…

The most current plans for The Archive were enacted by William Vanden Dries. Vanden Dries, decided to do something to save the collection by forming a non-profit organization, The Audio Preservation Fund, with the intent to open a museum, online database, and shop under the name The Worlds Greatest Music Collection, while expanding the collection via both donations of records by individuals and by incorporating other major record collections from around the world.

Paul is still working on archiving his records to the database every day.

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