Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band Live [cassette]

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band Live/1975-85

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A1 Thunder Road (Roxy, 10/18/75)
A2 Adam Raised A Cain (Roxy, 7/7/78)
A3 Spirit In The Night (Roxy, 7/7/78)
A4 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) (Nassau Coliseum, 12/31/80)
A5 Paradise By The “C” (Roxy, 7/7/78)
A6 Fire (Winterland, 12/16/78)
A7 Growin’ Up (Roxy, 7/7/78)
B1 It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City (Roxy, 7/7/78)
B2 Backstreets (Roxy, 7/7/78)
B3 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (Roxy, 7/7/78)
B4 Raise Your Hand (Roxy, 7/7/78)
C1 Hungry Heart (Nassau Coliseum, 12/28/80)
C2 Two Hearts (Meadowlands Arena, 7/8/81)
C3 Cadillac Ranch (Meadowlands Arena, 7/7/81)
C4 You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch) (Nassau Coliseum, 12/29/80)
C5 Independence Day (Meadowlands Arena, 7/6/81)
C6 Badlands (Arizona State University, 11/5/80)
C7 Because The Night (Nassau Coliseum, 12/28/80)
C8 Candy’s Room (Meadowlands Arena, 7/8/81)
C9 Darkness On The Edge Of Town (Nassau Coliseum, 12/29/80)
D1 Racing In The Street (Meadowlands Arena, 7/6/81)
D2 This Land Is Your Land (Nassau Coliseum, 12/28/80)
D3 Nebraska (Meadowlands Arena, 8/6/84)
D4 Johnny 99 (Giants Stadium, 8/19/85)
D5 Reason To Believe (Meadowlands Arena, 8/19/84)
E1 Born In The U.S.A. (Los Angeles Coliseum, 9/30/85)
E2 Seeds (Los Angeles Coliseum, 9/30/85)
E3 The River (Los Angeles Coliseum, 8/30/85)
E4 War (Los Angeles Coliseum, 9/30/85)
E5 Darlington County (Los Angeles Coliseum, 9/30/85)
E6 Working On The Highway (Giants Stadium, 8/19/85)
E7 The Promised Land (Los Angeles Coliseum, 9/30/85)
F1 Cover Me (Los Angeles Coliseum, 9/30/85)
F2 I’m On Fire (Giants Stadium, 8/19/85)
F3 Bobby Jean (Giants Stadium, 8/21/85
F4 My Hometown (Los Angeles Coliseum, 9/30/85)
F5 Born To Run (Giants Stadium, 8/19/85)
F6 No Surrender (Meadowlands Arena, 8/6/84)
F7 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (Meadowlands Arena, 8/20/84)
F8 Jersey Girl (Meadowlands Arena, 7/9/81)