How to press a vinyl in 60 seconds

It’s no mystery that vinyl is back in a big way. But for all the talk of a revival, very few people have ever been able to see how the things are actually made.

As the UK’s original pressing plant, we receive requests practically daily from people keen to visit and see the process for themselves. While we can’t possibly invite everyone to the factory floor to see it first hand, we can give you an up-close-and personal look at how records are pressed at The Vinyl Factory, following the process from start to finish in just 60 seconds.

From the metal work and galvanic processes that grow the stampers from which the records are pressed, to the iconic EMI presses that have produced some of the most important records in music history over the last fifty years, we’ve condensed the birth of a vinyl record into just one minute, an intimate snapshot of the craft behind one of the most intricate and complex processes in music.

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